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Favourite Comedians


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I finally found out this guys name accidently by

looking at Conan O'Brien on Youtube.


Lewis Black


on Conan



Lewis Black - Black on Broadway



BAck in Black-false hope ( i can't believe it a reality TV where illegal imagrants battle it out for a green card)

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Lol i knew it! ^

and he's not only the best of all time he's a legend!

high praise indeed!


Edit: Typed up Jim Bowen in case you're pulling my leg and the result was this


LOL I don't think that's it

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^OMg i chose to miss it Rove!!! i would've loved to have seen pablo

i know what you mean though about same routines went to see Arj Barker again at this year's Melb comedy festival and it was funny but, some jokes were the same and it brought the show down a notch.

my friend who hadn't seen him before was laughing her socks off.


The Chaser guys Rock! they always amaze me with the stuff the come up with and are WILLING to do.


annie did you ever used to watch a show called Back Burner.

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^ yeah like Jerry Seinfeld. Also recently got into Frasier (bit late i know- all re-runs)


MC: For the last time: JIM BOWEN!!


no.. that little clip didn't convince me...i'm afraid i didn't find him funny.


That just isn't possible!! He's the "godfather" of comedy!!:P

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ooh, man! i have so many fav comedians.....!

ok, let me start with the BEST!... jim carrey, though i still don't think of him as an only comedian, but a truely gr8 actor,... but he's older movies, r simply everyones fav comedy classics, IMO...& there's also always robin williams, bill murray, jerry seinfled, jay leno, ..emm, ... .. & many more :D

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