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Well, lets find out!

To find out what the best EVER coldplay song is, you need to tell me your 3 FAVOURITE coldplay songs.

The songs could be Album tracks, B - sides and live songs.


Its sort of like a vote. You have got until Friday 12th May to vote, so think of your 3 favorite songs, and contact here!


By the 12th, I will collect all of your replies and work out which coldplay song was mentioned the most. There will also be a 2nd best and 3rd best.



- You are only allowed to send a reply ONCE, so think carefully before replying.

- Make sure you say whether it is live version or not, eg: Fix You (Live/Studio)


Youve only got until friday, so get voting!!!;)

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Actually, U dont need to say whether it's Live or Not. Sorry, stupid idea.


OK, Lets get started. Here are my 3 faves:

- Politik

- Fix You

- How You See The World


Stuck? Try listing the ones you listen to the most (i know it sounds obvious, but it helps) ;)

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01 Warning Sign

02 Amsterdam

03 Twisted Logic


That was so hard, this should really be like a top 50 or something! :sweatdrop:


I agree with that last statement, and I love that you have TL on your top 3 cause I love that song too....but I'm gonna have to go with:


1. clocks

2. daylight

3. square one


and vic's 3 would be my 4-6 too.

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Quote from crestingwaves: <<the other version...eg "Under the Great North Star">>

... mmm, haven't heard that one. But i'll count it anyway.


Goin good, keep goin! Got 4 days left.


If you've already posted your reply, You can say which one you think will be the best coldplay song by friday when all results are counted. Don't hesitate!.

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