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Chris and Jonny @ UCLA’S ‘A Taste of Napa’ Evening 20/05/2006


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do you have to registar there now??? cause i cant ever get the pictures bigger?!?!?!


That's the biggest they come luv...


I love that Chris has cut his hair! Looking goooooooood baby!:cool::wink3:

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I'm not logged in and I can see the bigger pictures....:\


It's a pop up box, so have you disabled popups?


yeah i have!!


ill work it out...but its been like it for a while for me.....trying to get stephen mangan pictures it happened to me, prob cause i was always on there getting pictures off they decided to be mean and block me or something!

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Ooooooooooooooh my gawd Chris without the clown hair Chris without the clown hair!! :cheesy: :dance: :cheesy: :dance::dance:


I've always loved the short hair and a beard look on him.. very distinguished. Yay! :lol:



Yay! Chris looks so hot! He definitely looks good with short hair! :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup:

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Y'all welcome :)


I thought Chris was appearing by himself? Somehow I knew that when this happened Jonny would be there. I don't think he could perform without him. :smug:


But Chris looks SO GOOD.


I knew Jonny would be there too! He's his wing man after all...:cool:

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