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The SEX thread

Sweet One

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Yup, this is the thread where you can talk about anything and everything related to sex. Am i being pervy?? yes, yes i am. But it's late and i'm bored, so let's get started!


Hello people! :D


P.S. if you do not want to get involved or read anything weird, you may exit the thread now. Thanks for stopping by though. :) PEACE! :D

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When in a relationship? Whenever the couple (or threesome, or whatever :P) feel truly comfortable enough with eachother... when this happens to be is down the responsible decision of the people involved...


basically that's an overcomplicated way of saying 'when it feels right' :P

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will you be losing sleep worrying about the 10 seconds of your life this thread must've wasted?


apologies if you've just been given 4 hours to live, of course! ;) :P

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