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The day has arrived!

i heart chrismartin

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I did have a great time. :D


It was so funny. When Eisley was performing, I saw this guy in a hat walking behind a security guard and it thought to myself..."that guy's cute" and then he looked up a bit and I realized "this guy looks a lot like chris" "maybe he's a chris wannabe" lol


Today they tell me that it WAS chris but nobody noticed(just me and that girl who told me). She told me he was walking to Gwyneth's seat. And then they left backstage. Wow, I can't believe I saw him, he was quite close. And well he wore a hat so I hardly recognized him.


By the way, the concert was great. Best ever that I've been to! Chris was great and umm funny when he nearly lost his voice and coughed a little..aww haha


I'm so impressed with these guys. Now I'm a bigger fan than ever.


Oh and they had a 3rd encore and sang this song that Chris said they had just written that same day. Not sure what it was called but I loved it.


After the concert I unexpectedly got VIP passes to the VIP afterparty, i think. I went in and saw lots of famous people in there but no COLDPLAY. So I left. But wow...


I'm like this :o



*wearing my coldplay t-shirt* :D

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lol well umm that i knew of...chris kattan from SNL that was really funny to see him. Bob Saget from Full House haha. I don't know if I'm correct but I thought I saw Alex from Roswell. Umm and "Laverne" from the Laverne and Shirley show. Other people that looked familiar but I wasn't sure who they were exactly.


at the concert we spotted sheryl crow... someone said they saw someone from American Idol, and kirsten dusnt, i think that's her name lol.


I didn't really care though. I just wanted to meet Coldplay but I guess another time it will be.

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sorry i didn't take a camera...cuz i figured my sister's taking one so why take my crappy one lol.


my sister had hers but she left it in the car cuz she was scared that they'd take it or something.


i was like, come on, I'll hide it for you. but she didn't listen to me. :shrug: :cry:

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Guest LiquidSky

So no pictures? What?! awww, maybe next then :P but you still had a great time and that's what counts ;)

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