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I dont think there is a topic about them. But I <3 them, I got their new album yesturday, anyone else get it?


I love "miss you now" and "since I told you its over" and "climbing the wall" and "help me (shes out of her mind)"




its great :D I want to see them in concertoo



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I think the Stereophonics are a *fantastic* band and really wish they were known here in the States. I first heard them about three years ago visiting my best friend in beford and was totally surprised by how good they were!

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I would love to get the new album but unfortunatley I have no money so it's going to have to wait. I was listening on XFM all last week to try and win tickets to their acoustic gig at virgin megastores and shepards bush empire but I didnt win...blah... I love them ahhhhhh :D

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i LOVE the phonics. i think there's a thread awaaaay down the board somewhere about them, but im glad someone brought them to light again :D


i've seen them twice and WOW were they amazin. they rock the whole place when they perform and i havent been disappointed :D


goin to see them in november in belfast again :o cant wait!

still have to get the new album tho. madame helga is class 8)


word gets around is a priceless album, the lyrics are simple yet so meaningful - i've had it for years now and i never tire of it :D

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