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I'm in a bit of a dilemma!!!

Sweet One

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HELP ME!!! Ok, here's the problem. I've been accepted to two universities. Carleton University (in Ottawa) and Concordia University (in Montreal). The thing is i like both schools but Concordia's program is more exclusive, i think i read that it only accepted 50 a year and i got in. The admission requirements are staggering, i mean, the process is INSANE!!! AND I GOT IN!! So i would hate to turn it down! Carleton, has a prestigious program but i'm not sure b/c at Concordia i'd be studying two things, both of which i love. So, here's a rundown of the pros and cons of the schools...please bare with me, i really need to make a decision.



-situated outside downtown ottawa

-prestigious program


-i've heard some bad things about the school

-the rep of the school in general is good.



-amazing program that's very hard to get into

-flexible schedules

-no guarantee for residence (so i could be living in downtown, which i wouldn't mind)

-great city

-i have family there


So, with what i have given you. What would you pick?? thanks!!

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