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Chris Martin At Record Of The Day Awards


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Coldplay front man Chris Martin went unnoticed for 15 minutes when he arrived at the Record of the Day Awards last night.


“He turned up in a hoodie and a shaved head and I think the doorman was expecting him to have big curly hair”, said a Record of the Day spokesperson. “It was only when he introduced himself that he was ushered downstairs”, revealed our source. He then hung around at the bar for 15 minutes before anyone realised who he was. The singer was there to present an award to renowned music photographer Tom Sheehan, who has supported the band from their early days. “Chris was extremely humble and when we asked him what his demands were, his reply was ‘nothing’”, the source added.


The awards show, which was put on to honour the cream of the PR and music journalism world, took place at Oxford Street’s 100 Club, and finished with a colourful session of punk rock karaoke. Winners included NME, The Sun, Toast Press, and Uncut magazine editor Allan Jones, who walked away with a lifetime achievement award for services to journalism.



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