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Favorite TV Shows Growing Up

Corner Kid

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i loved sth that was called "schlümpfe" in german..dunno the english title... t'was bout blue lil somethings with white hats (dunno the right word)... living in a forest .. and the was some bad magician who always wanted to cook them..he had a son or sth and a cat too..

i loved them :rolleyes: :)

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Raccoons... :lol: I think I just had a flashback! I also used to watch My Little Pony, Teddy Ruxpin, Care Bears and Jem... Nobody else watched Rainbow Brite? :huh: I loved that; I was Rainbow Brite for Halloween when I was about three and I had a Rainbow Brite birthday party, I had Rainbow Brite bedding and toys... I wonder what happened to all that junk. :confused: And She-Ra! I was She-Ra for Halloween once too! My favourite was probably David the Gnome, though. I miss that one the most. :cry:

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