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What Was The Last TV Show You Watched?

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Would you mind that it already insert subtitle(Both Chinese and English)? And how do I send you the file? Each file is about 337 MB. Can we pass it through Skype? (OH MSN is no longer available.) What do you think? :rolleyes:





I know and I will prepare for it.






House MD 4x09


skype is fine for me :)

does that link in the left work? or do I have to pm my name there?

I don't care about subtitles, when watching penguins and hearing David Tennant subtitles don't affect me :p

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The Good Place

I never watched this series to be honest! My father says it's a very good one!

The last TV Show I watched was my favorite show of all times - FRIENDS  Even after many years, I still love the show and I am amazed by the great stories and jokes this show has built up through th

skype is fine for me :)

does that link in the left work?[/color]


I sent the request. I guess you will see it.





The Village 1x03


Broadchurch 1x07

Now I really want to see what happened next.

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Doctor Who The End of Time: Part One




It's not so good but I'm too desire to see the Master though he is crazy. :awesome: BTW, the laugh from Master annoys my cousins.


The people of Time Lords, there are so many. At that moment, I was happy because that Doctor is not alone. There are still an episode.

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I'm really crying now, really omg


I ship them

ship them so hard, like friends, friends that understand each other and call each other to talk about stuff

she'll be his emergency number and he will be hers :cry:

my new brotp

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Okay I watched too many tvs I guess. :awesome:



In The Flesh 1x03

what a sad end.



The Politician's Husband 1x01


I'm a little confused about the plot actually. I don't like golden(? what it is called?) hair.








Penguins - Spy in the Huddle 1x03

House MD 4x11

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Ashes to Ashes

ok so I decided to give it a second chance, still not sure whether to like it or not, Alex is quite an idiotic bitch if you ask me :annoyed:


Doctor Who

THE SWIMMING POOL, I SAW IT!!! :awesome: and oooohhh a book about the history of the Time War :surprised:

this is getting very interesting


The Politician's Husband

they should make such a thing here, I mean imagine it with constantly switching from French to Dutch :lol: And they can seeing next years elections :p

now I really like it, I like to watch series like this. Too bad it's only 3 eps :(

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House MD 4x13

Wilson is with Amber. But House.. Anyway, Wilson sometimes is available to House. It's a little interesting to see House and Amber fight. You know it's amusing. :awesome:

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