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Does anyone believe that there is such a thing as True Love?

I thought I had found it once before...But I ended up being heartbroken and thought i would never fall in love again.

however now I have found someone else...and i couldnt be happier! :)

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awwwwwwwww....congrats Hayley!


I do believe in love. I was in love, but not anymore. Sometimes, being friends is enough.


Anyhoo, I believe there is. I look at my parents or my grandparents and see how they are with each other, and i want that for myself. It's a beautiful thing. :)

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it is indeed :D


theres no better feeling than having butterflies in your stomach when thinking about that certain someone

*has recently started listening to placebo and is wondering why she is not being a scary person anymore :shock: * :lol:

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you were not the same after that

you were not the same after that


when they dropped like flies from the bright sunny skies

and they come knockin on your door with this look in their eyes


you got one good trip, and you hanging on...

your hanging on to it...




thats my feelings on love tonight.. im just... :|

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there's only one thing more powerful than "love" and that's hate.


I don't believe that love can exist in a two way format, no-one can ever love you the same you love them, or visa versa. It's not equal.


Love is a dream, love is hell.

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Of course theres True Love, but sometimes you arent always with the one you love.


You never stop loving someone, things just change, and if things change in a way that you cant see them anymore for whatever personal reason then thats just too bad.


Then I guess, you move on, and maybe love another. But the original person you may always love.

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