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Do a Tour of Your House


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seeing as i have an SLR camera, i can't do videos. but i could post photos with little explanations, even explanations recorded in my voice...:P


perhaps not.

I think thats a fantastic idea! No pressure, of course :P

I have a camera at hand now, but I'm not sure about a tour... for one thing, my room is really boring (along with the rest of my house really :dozey:) But we'll see.

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I think thats a fantastic idea! No pressure, of course :P

I have a camera at hand now, but I'm not sure about a tour... for one thing, my room is really boring (along with the rest of my house really :dozey:) But we'll see.


well it's not like mine is particularly interesting! :lol: i just think it's a cool idea to share where we all live. no matter how boring.


hmm, maybe i can take some pics of the dormroom on monday and put together a little slideshow thingy in place of a video. i've got to do it when my roommate's not around though, because she'd think i was insane. same with once i get home, but then i can borrow my brother's camera which has video capabilities. but like i say, my room needs a makeover before ANYONE sees it :P

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Ok everyone, here is my office, in pictures because my stupid camera films stupid AVI that my stupid computer doesn't take. I'll add the spoiler tag (P.S. Sorry for stealing your idea Chelsea :D)


The Main Desk






Double Click for bigger picture

Sorry for the grainy picture, not the greatest camera in the world. Uh, its my desk, with the slide out keyboard and the printer in the far right bottem coner...





The Shelf






OK! As you can see, I'm a HUGE Sims fan. I'll run you through whats there.


BOTTOM ROW Left to right:

42 games in 1, Nintendogs Dachsound, The Sims 2 Pets DS, Nintendogs Chihuahua, The Sims 2 Castaway PS, Mika Live, The Sims 2, TS2 Uni, Ts2 Nightlife, TS2 Open for Business, TS2 Glamour Life, TS2 Pets, TS2 Seasons (my fave) TS2 Celebration, TS2 Bon Vyage, TS2 Freetime, The Sims Deluxe, TS Vacation, TS Unleased, TS Makin' Magin (My second fave), Sim City 4, Sims Life stories and Sims Pet Stories.





My pink bible, organic paper diary, jewelry case diguised as a book, Oxford Guide to writing, French/English dictionary, "Ze Notebook", HAARP-Muse (opps, realised that I'd taken the photo and put HAARP there later, well it is there now), letter from Bebe, tissues and some old cassetes...




Some Random Stuff (Double click pictures for bigger picture)







My lamp and my Nightmare before Christmas (fave animated movie EVER) Jack bobble head, and the weird dolphin that hangs from my desk.



Continues next post

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continued from last post....

Again, double click for bigger picture


The Calendar







This is my calendar, jam packed with random crap...it reads:

6 Sunday; ROVE!! (Comedy TV show in Australia

7 Monday;

8 Tuesaday; School Start

9 Wednesday; Concert 4 China (I'm in a choir a choir, I'm heading off to China to sing with them, we're holding a preview concert)

10 Thursday; Pack 4 China

11 Friday; Go to China

12 Staurday to

20 Sunday; IN CHINA "Hmm...what shall I buy?"

21 Monday: Back from China

the rest is boring so you can figure it out yourself, sorry for my unintelligable writing




The CDs






This is my humble collection of CDs, I have about 5 more but they are all burnt discs so they don't have their own cover. I'm not going to write what they all are because the focus is good enough to see. P.S. Parachutes would be there but I couldn't be bothered going to the lounge room to fetch it.

P.S. You can't see it, but below X&Y (the last CD) there is a space for LP4, just as a reminder that it will be there eventually...




The 'other' desk (my study desk)






This is my study desk...very boring BUT there is a cute as pink elephant named Tipsy, becuase I believe that if you give an elephant alchohol, it will turn pink and grow flowers...no, I'm am not mentally unstable :shifty:




:P And that's it, my office!!

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nice, rachael!! i'll do this tomorrow so i can take pictures in peace. the whole slideshow of pictures with me explaining it in audio might be too much to bother with, so i think i'll just end up doing what you did :D. i can try, though, but if someone catches me recording a little explanation of my room into the computer, i will have sealed my labeling as the most insane person on the floor.

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