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The Big Question...

Black Rose

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Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza....






did it said that?






*like a cheerleader*






'gimme a P'


'gimme an I'


'gimme two Zs'


'gimme an A'


















(wait he has had eaten it already... i was late to answer .. :uhoh: :embarassed:)

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And it was a lovely pizza :)


When it was being cooked I took a walk to one of the supermarkets where I decided to try my luck and purchased 2 scratchcards, of which one won me a quid back, and the other won me back £10 :)


Put that with the £250 I have won on the thunderball tonight (which I can't claim for 4 more weeks due to the way I do my tickets) and with the £10 I won on the normal lottery tonight, it's been a very good evening for me.


Although I was one number out (I had 19 instead of 18) in the thunderball draw, if it was 19 instead of 18, then instead of £250 it would be £250,000 :(


Then, you might not see me for a while as I will risk the trip to hospital for a stomach pump and get completely drunk.

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Come 4 weeks time when I will be able to cash in the ticket to get the money, I will put £200 of it away in my savings, and with the left-over from after buying the new tickets, i will buy some stuff for my bedroom.


Mainly more storage shelves, some new screws for my bed (don't ask), some stuff to put around the window as it's leaky.

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