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What's your internet age?

Black Rose

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it says my age is 9 :stunned:


You are a confident-web surfer but there is still plenty to explore.


and then advice me some sites: interesting, to stay social and stay safe online


:thinking: i think i've been to... (dunno which word to use) when i did it.. too strict considering some things...

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10... haha :P


It's weird some of the questions. Like they're not really exclusive. I met my girlfriend of 6 months (well it will be 6 months a week on Monday) and theres questions like have you met a girlfriend/boyfriend and the answer was 1-5 times and then have you flirted with someone you met online. I don't know if it's 1 - 5 since it's just with the one person or 16 or more cause it's been 6 months.


Also with the have you sent pictures to someone online, well yeah but not more than 16 people. Just probably 16 pictures? And have you met someone you met online. I put 16 times or more cause I've met my girlfriend and her best friend (also met online) more than that amount of times. But is it that answer or 1 - 5 for the amount of people?




Confused me somewhat :P And I've probably made it more confusing.

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yeah, i counted this as a chatroom, which i suppose it is, but i don't really consider it one. some odd questions...hmm.


internet quizzes are always good, though. and that one returned a site that i should check out that i'd never heard of...called www.thewaybackmachine.org and i'm currently exploring what this board looked like circa february, 2001 :laugh1:

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