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Hi, I'm new here, my English is very bad though. :P


Name: Babs Hekman.

Birthdate: *removed due to the risk of ID thief*

City: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Favourite music: James Morrison, Coldplay.

Favourite parfume: Givenchy - Very Irrésistible, Burberry Brit - Red.

Favourite color: Blue.

Hobby's: Drawing (mostly graffiti), listening to music, making wallpaper on the computer, and more.

Who I want to meet: James Morrison, all members of Coldplay, Jamie Bell, Josh Hartnett, Michael Bublé.

I've been to the following concerts:

- none -



For further information about me please ask me.

Hope I'll be having a good time here! :lol::laugh3::kiss:

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Hello babs! Don't worry we understand you perfectly fine, there's nothing wrong with your English, I've seen far worse than that. Welcome to coldplaying and I hope you will like it here.

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