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From Long Island saying hello!


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What's up everyone! Huge eighteen year old Coldplay fan from Long Island which is about an hour away from NYC, for those unfamiliar. I've been a huge Coldplay fan for about two years now. Mainly a U2 and Coldplay fan, but I like pretty much anything.


If I could write songs, I'd definitely be a musician, but I'm settling for something in sports broadcasting. Funny enough I first heard Clocks when a sports talk show used it on their show to come back from a commercial break.


Other things about me, I play piano and guitar, attend Hofstra University and watch a lot of sports. And like everyone else here, I'm pumped for the release of VLVODAAHF. Look forward to seeing you all around!

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Yes, don't mind the messy carpet deary :) We've had to deal with exploding members, drooling and the like all month... very messy. Of course, our cleaner is on leave, the bastard, left just before VH was announced for release, never misses a trick, that cleaner. So we have to clean it up ourselves. :angry:

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