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Alternate Tunings

Corner Kid

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Does anyone use these? I experiment with them all the time, Here are the ones I'm using currently...




DADAAE (beware, tuning the G up to an A is very risky. I have my guitar tuned down a half a step(EbAbDbGbBbE), then I tune up to DbAbDbAbAbEb) and a capo on the 1st fret takes it right up to DADAAE.)


CACGBE (This is the one I'm currently experimenting a lot with)


post any alternate tunings you experiment with.

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Im a great guitar player! But what the hells going on?! :confused:


I stay far far away from the technical side of music. Far. In fact I dont even bother electrical guitars or even amps anymore, too scary :/ Me and my acoustic is juuuuusst fine :cool:

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