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it's been a wonderful long journey.


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hi people i don't use to open threads but...


as i've said here.


so i think that is a good moment to have a break... i've been thinking about this since some weeks ago... i feel i need it. too bad that is now when the band is realising the new album but things happen when them happen and there's nothing we can do against it.


i've told about it to some friends of mine on the board, and so i finally had made this decition.



i need to think about many things that had happened recently in my life that had made me be not as balanced person as i used to be.


i need to focus on exams and what to do this summer.


i need to work on changing my poetry style, i feel i need it, and it is wasting me.


i hope you all will be doing fine during my absence here.




if anyone will want to keep in contact with me PM me.


Viva Coldplay!

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im going to miss you ari..

thank you for being a friend in forum also chats

im really glad to see you're online someday..

and again, thank you for everything that you gave and shared to us in this board:nice:

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Viva Ari!!


You really are probably the nicest person on here, and we need more good souls like yours. I had to take a break last summer too, and it was even sweeter when I came back, so I hope you have a similar experience. Good luck with everything. *hugs*

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