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Worst Album Covers Ever: NME shows X&Y!!


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...am i the only one in the world that LOVES the X&Y album cover? seriously, it's my favorite of the four so far. i love them all, but hard-pressed, i would pick X&Y.


i like the X&Y cover aswell. I've got the poster on my wall! It's a clever cover with the code :D

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It's not as bad as it looks from the title of this thread. X&Y hasn't been voted into the top 20 or even close. I don't think there was anything wrong with the X&Y cover... I quite liked it! :confused::D

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I like the X & Y cover but it's not my favourite. I love the AROBTTH cover.


I really like the VLV cover too but want to reserve my final thoughts until I've heard the songs that go with it. I love the boldness of it though, and the mix of an old style painting with graffiti over the top - it gets me all excited at the prospect of bold music in a mix of styles.


Is there really still 3 and a half weeks to go...

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