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Coldplay transformed into...U2?


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Hello to all members,


I just listened to the new Coldplay songs, and my impression is that they have started getting transformed into...a second U2 band!!!!!


I really "missed" their older style!!!


What is your opinion??

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I'm sure there will be bits of Oldplay on there somewhere :)



Haha Oldplay...


Yeah man don't judge their new sound by the two or three songs we've heard so far. For all we know there could be rapping, techno raving, or even yodeling.


Hopefully yodeling ;)

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I hope that real Coldplay melodies will be there, in the other songs!!!


I didnt say though that the songs I heard were bad, on the contrary! They were very good but they reminded me of U2 style, thats all :)


Whatever song Coldplay make is awesome, I will accept them whatever they style is! :D

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Im sure you can tell from my name Im a U2 fan. As well as a Coldplay fan; why else would i be here?


Coldplay aren't the new U2. Even with the famed producer they aren't a new U2. U2 has been known for pushing musical differences getting that new different sound, and their ever changing sound. Coldplay is a ballad driven soft rock band, and they are now trying to change it up a bit, pulling a U2 pretty much.


I have to say though even when Coldplay try to rock it out it turns into a ballad. Ala Violet Hill...tries to be a edgy rock track but it turns into a powerful ballad. Viva La Vida is a powerful ballad as well as Lost? I agree right now its way to early to tell. I have a feeling though that Viva La Vida will be far different than anything U2 has ever produced. the only thing similar is gonna be both their albums will have a different sound from the generic rock sound. Which is why the world needs to eat more chocolate, got to maketradefair.com and listen to more Coldplay and U2.


I also have to say though I am looking more forward to October/November for the new U2 disc and tour, slightly more than VLV...But they are top 2 this year by far!

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yer no bad thing being the next U2.


personally id love them to go back to the sound of their first album, id love another album like that, and then back to their present style.


and btw, VLV, what a song. screams a movie soundtrack all over it. same style as who put the weight of the world on my shoulders by Oasis. jst the most massive song ever, that would fit perfectly at the end credits of a movie. as WPTWOTWOMS did.

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