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Coldplay "Slashed" Film


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I don't post here often, i'm sorry.

I mean no harm though !


I was just wondering, I heard quite a while ago that they were going to post the film where chris and johnny play two spies. And i think Chris also has a "murder" scene, hahaha.


whatever happened to it?


That just came into mind today, and i was wondering if anyone knew about it.


I wanna see how good an actor chris and jonny are.

Especially on a murder scene ! Lol

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Ladies, it's not a "slash" fanfic. Sorry... :D


They decided to make a short film about a murder and Chris is the detective.


Glad to hear it...I can't see C & J doing that, but there are slash fics out there...'Careful Where You Stant' etc. I've read a lot of X Files fic, but that's different since it's not about RL people. When people write fics about bands it bothers me. (no offense to the people in to it, I've had this discussion on here, and have agreed to disagree rather than argue.)

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Oh good grief! :laugh3: It never even occured to me that the title could be taken the wrong way like that. Some day I wish fandom would just rince it's collective brain out with soap for once.


Slashed is the horror movie that the guys from Ash made back around the time they were opening for Coldplay. They had Chris and Jonny star in it.


To answer the original question, they've said recently that since nothing else has worked out they want to release it on youtube soon. But I haven't heard anything since. I'm sure there's a recent thread about it around here somewhere.

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Lol, I love how you guys make everything pervy.

I love it.


and thank you, even if no one has the video.

Btw, that picture totally made my day, hahaha


well what's stopping you from joining my way too innocent friend? we need more people so, please come in and you'll get interviewed. Most likely you'll be able to join so please stop by.

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