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Any songs/ lyrics/ artist with a colour in it


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TANGERINE Speedo - some band, I forget what they're called (it's on the Charlies Angels soundtrack) :lol:

I'm Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas :shrug: Man I suck :lol:


lol that was funny

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That's reminded me of something-

Led Zepplin: Tangerine


and while I'm at it, I may as well add these...

David Gray: White Ladder; Flame Turns Blue

Ryan Adams: Sweet Black Magic

Nick Drake: Blue Season; Way to Blue

Wilco: Blue Eyed Soul; Red Eyed and Blue

Conor Oberst: Purple Chin; Blue

Son, Ambulence: Brown Park; Violet

Whiskeytown: Black Arrow, Bleeding Heart; 2 Black Roses

Trey Anastasio and Tom Marshall: Blue And Shiny

Phish: The White Tape

Vida Blue

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ok just been through my cd collecton and found a few more

stereophonics- GOLDfish bowl, rainbow and pots of GOLD

Catatonia-INDIGO blond and acapulo GOLD

proud mary- same old Blues

Manic street preachers-BLACK dog on my shoulder, BLACKpool pier

Electric soft parade-RED baloon for me

Doves-the SULPHuR man

Cooper temple claus- AMBER

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