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Revised Tour Dates

June 10, 2008 9:00 am

Revised North American tour dates...



We're very sorry, but unfortunately Coldplay have had to move the dates of some of the previously-announced US shows. The band have experienced some production delays which mean that the show simply won't be ready for June 29. It's very frustrating but they promise you a show worthy of your patience and understanding when they start in mid-July. All tickets remain valid, but refunds will be available from the point of purchase if you're unable to make it to the new date. Click here to view the full revised routing.






The tour schedule has been updated at coldplay.com



16/06/08: London - UK

Brixton Academy


17/06/08: Barcelona - Spain

Espacio Movistar


23/06/08: New York, NY - USA

Madison Square Garden


14/07/08: Los Angeles, CA - USA The Forumon sale 07/06/08find tickets > >

15/07/08: Los Angeles, CA - USA The Forumon sale 07/06/08find tickets > >

18/07/08: San Jose, CA - USA HP Pavilionon sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

19/07/08: Las Vegas, NV - USA MGM Grand Garden Arenaon sale 17/05/08find tickets > >

23/07/08: Chicago, IL - USA United Centeron sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

25/07/08: Philadelphia, PA - USA Wachovia Centerfind tickets > >

27/07/08: Pemberton, BC - Canada Pemberton Festivalon sale 01/04/08find tickets > >

29/07/08: Montreal, QC - Canada Bell Centreon sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

30/07/08: Toronto, ON - Canada Air Canada Centreon sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

02/08/08: Hartford, CT - USA XL Centerfind tickets > >

03/08/08: Washington, DC - USA Verizon Centerfind tickets > >

04/08/08: Boston, MA - USA TD Banknorth Gardenon sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

09/08/08: Osaka - Japan Summersonic Festivalon sale 24/05/08find tickets > >

10/08/08: Tokyo - Japan Summersonic Festivalon sale 01/04/08find tickets > >

01/09/08: Strasbourg - France Zenithon sale 04/06/08find tickets > >

02/09/08: Mannheim - Germany SAP Arenaon sale 30/05/08find tickets > >

04/09/08: Lyon - France Tony Garnier Hallon sale 04/06/08find tickets > >

06/09/08: Barcelona - Spain Palau St Jordion sale 04/06/08find tickets > >

07/09/08: Madrid - Spain Palacio de Deporteson sale 11/06/08find tickets > >

09/09/08: Paris - France The Bercyon sale 04/06/08find tickets > >

12/09/08: Cologne - Germany Koln Arenaon sale 30/05/08find tickets > >

14/09/08: Hamburg - Germany Colorline Arenaon sale 30/05/08find tickets > >

15/09/08: Berlin - Germany O2 Worldon sale 30/05/08find tickets > >

18/09/08: Stockholm - Sweden Globe Theatreon sale 02/06/08find tickets > >

19/09/08: Oslo - Norway Spectrumon sale 02/06/08find tickets > >

22/09/08: Prague - Czech Republic O2 Arenaon sale 16/06/08find tickets > >

23/09/08: Budapest - Hungary Budapest Arenaon sale 05/06/08find tickets > >

24/09/08: Vienna - Austria Stadthalleon sale 03/06/08find tickets > >

26/09/08: Munich - Germany Olympiahalleon sale 30/05/08find tickets > >

28/09/08: Zurich - Switzerland Hallenstadionon sale 30/05/08find tickets > >

29/09/08: Bologna - Italy Palamagottion sale 30/05/08find tickets > >

30/09/08: Milan - Italy Datchforumon sale 04/06/08find tickets > >

02/10/08: Rotterdam - Netherlands The Ahoyon sale 07/06/08find tickets > >

04/10/08: Antwerp - Belgium Sportpalaison sale 30/05/08find tickets > >

20/10/08: Ottawa, ON - Canada Scotiabank Place find tickets > >

21/10/08: Cleveland, OH - USA Quicken Loans Arenafind tickets > >

26/10/08: East Rutherford, NJ - USA IZOD Centeron sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

03/11/08: Detroit, MI - USA Palace of Auburn Hillsfind tickets > >

07/11/08: Orlando, FL - USA Amway Arenafind tickets > >

09/11/08: Ft Lauderdale, FL - USA BankAtlantic Centerfind tickets > >

11/11/08: Atlanta, GA - USA Philips Arenaon sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

13/11/08: Kansas City, MO - USA Sprint Centerfind tickets > >

14/11/08: St Paul, MN - USA Xcel Energy Centerfind tickets > >

16/11/08: Oklahoma City, OK - USA Ford Centerfind tickets > >

18/11/08: Houston, TX - USA Toyota Centeron sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

19/11/08: Dallas, TX - USA American Airlines Centeron sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

21/11/08: Denver, CO - USA Pepsi Center Arenaon sale 14/06/08find tickets >

/11/08: Salt Lake City, UT - USA Energy Solutions Arenaon sale 14/06/08find tickets > >

26/11/08: Phoenix, AZ - USA Jobing.com Arenafind tickets > >

01/12/08: Birmingham - UK NIAon sale 30/05/08find tickets > >



edit: I left out the UK ones at the end - they are not different.

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Thanks melanieau. I was going batty jumping from the official site to live nation to ticketmaster trying to sort out the conflicting dates for the Boston show.


My sympathies to Winnipeg fans or any of the other fans living in areas with dropped dates

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Thanks melanieau. I was going batty jumping from the official site to live nation to ticketmaster trying to sort out the conflicting dates for the Boston show.


My sympathies to Winnipeg fans or any of the other fans living in areas with dropped dates


no problem....i'm just glad to have some answers as well:)

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Toronto is not that far btw



I know... thanks for the optimism...... But now I'd have to spend a lot of money for decent seats let alone get up early this saturday to buy them. Figure out how to get there( gas is so expensive and I hate driving more than 2 hours in the car) then find a hotel.


I just had it planned out with friends how fun this summer was going to be and July 5th was a essential part. I'm a whiner but also a spontaneous person so who knows if a week before Toronto if I'll just buy a ticket and go.



BOOO for this production delay........ SOMEONE ASK ABOUT IT in all those interviews they are doing now. SERIOUSLY. Grrrr... sometimes I hate how much I love them.



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Question ... on the official Coldplay site it says that the tickets for 10/26/08 in East Rutherford, NJ is on sale 6/14 but the link to livenation says it's on sale 6/21...which should I go by? need to put enough moolah in my account by appropriate date...

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