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18-June-2008: BBC Gig - Tickets, Preview, Meetups, Review/Photos

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BBC recording...


Hi yesterday I saw the BBC recording from 18/06 show on the italian tv... couldn't miss it!

I noticed that during yellow performance Chris said "you know I love you Jon" does anyone else heard that? was it Jon or what, it wasn't "so"...:confused:




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I can confirm that the ties were worn for a number of reasons

1. Cos we enjoy looking smart(ish)

2. Something we could wear that was all the same for each of us

3. Ties were white so we could write on them

4. So we could possibly get noticed by the gods of music, and/or tv


and yes he did notice us, and it was the greatest few seconds of my life by a long long way lol


I think it was quite a clever ploy actually, weren't you interviewed by the BBC as well about your dress!!

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Wonderful, thank you so much for posting that :)


That's at least double the quality of what I have at the moment! My sis has the original broadcast on her Skybox, but we have no clue how to rip it...so this is great.


Have you posted your pics up yet mate?

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Have you posted your pics up yet mate?


I didn't take a single picture! I love photography and am so into it that if I took a camera I'd be more into the photos and miss every second of the gig that I'd much rather cherish!


Kash took some great pics on our behalf, and Stephie too. I've lost the link to Stephie's (Steph please tell me where they were again!) but Kash's are on this thread somewhere - if you click on his username in my profile's friends list you'll be able to find it - despite my prompting he still doesn't have many posts hehe :)

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