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Coldplay surge to top of album charts

By Andrew Napier


Recordbreaking rock group Coldplay, with Southampton drummer Will Champion, have surged to the top of the album charts - in just three days.

Their fourth album, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, had sold 302,000 copies since release last Thursday to become one of the fastest-selling records in history.

Gennaro Castaldo, of music retailer HMV, said: "Coldplay have sold as many albums in three days as most big artists sell in three months.

"They have the broadest appeal of any band around in terms of combined record store, online and download sales, and are already certs to have the biggest release of 2008," he said.

The drummer Will was born in Southampton to two academics at the university.

He attended local schools including Cantell secondary in Bassett before going on to University College London where he met the other members of Coldplay.


His father Tim is professor of archaeology and his mother Sara who died of cancer in 2000 was also a lecturer in that department. In 2006 he returned to Southampton to officially open the archaeology department's new building on campus.

At the time he said: "This building seems to encapsulate everything that my mother loved - art, archaeology and technology."

Now a father of three and estimated to be worth £30 million, Will, 29, is a Saints fan and has been a season ticket holder at St Marys.

7:00pm today




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