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The World's Priciest Burger: $185


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i saw in yahoo news and i found it here




Money can't buy you good taste but it can definitely buy you the most expensive burger in the world. Named simply, The Burger, it is selling at 95 pounds ($185) at a Burger King in the exclusive district of South Kensington on Wednesday.


The limited edition of the burger, which can be bought for two days only and has so far sold 50, is challenging the current Guinness Record for the most expensive burger, currently held by the American Double Truffle Burger which cost just 65 pounds ($127) in 1994.



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Kinda dissapointing though, that it's not really any different from an average burger. Truffle burger I can understand, but the only reason anyone would buy this would be to get his/her name in the footnotes of the guinness book of world records (and of course use it to brag about how well off they are :dozey:).

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