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Favorite Pixar film to date?

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gotta be toy story :D


i also liked the min-sketch bit of a guy called jerry i think playing chess :D i cant remember what film it's attached to though:\


YES! Geri's Game - absolutely hilarious. :laugh3:


It was attached to Bug's Life, I believe. Of course, all of the shorts are brilliant as well. I loved Lifted from last year.

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for me ratatoiulle is what im currently feeling. it such a simple and pure story. but then again, most of their stories are. really picking between all these is extremely hard, but i can say my least favorites are cars most definitely and a bugs life after that. every other movie is amazing. its like trying to pick which is more perfect.

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Anyone else seen Wall*E yet?


I saw it today, and I was absolutely blown away. Pixar has done it again.


Still, it's not my favorite from them - I'd rank it lower than The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Toy Story. It feels about tied with Finding Nemo.

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Okay so rather than just picking one.. Im gonna put themin order from least to fave..ahaha so i guess number one be my fave...


Bugs Life

The Incredibles

Monsters Inc



toy story 2

Finding Nemo


Toy Story


yeah that seems about right. Toy story one is probs my fave.. its classic man:)

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Finding Nemo ftw :nice: gotta love Dory! gotta love Ellen Degeneres !


I'm a big fan of Toy story though. and I really really like Monsters Inc and Ratatouille.


I saw the trailer for Wall e in theatre the other day and I wasnt very impressed, to be honest it didnt make me want to see it.. :confused: i'll give it a try when it'll be out on dvd or played on tv...

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Ratatouille works on multiple levels. The animation itself is spectacular, the sewer sequences in particular, but behind the gloss is an intelligent story with real charm. The underlying message may not be original, but the execution was brilliant.

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