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"A Rush of Blood to the Head" Discussion

Death Hill

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This is my official favorite Coldplay song, in my opinion it's the perfect example of Chris's voice adapting to the song. And that explaination of the song Chris gave saying it's just about 'acting on impulse', I think there's more to the song and it's about something more specific. My life would officially be complete if I saw it live on this tour in concert. :guitarist:



All the movements you're starting to make

See me crumble and fall on my face

And I know the mistakes that I made

See it all disappear without a trace

And they call as they beckon you on

They said start as you mean to go on

Start as you mean to go on

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Such a dark, but absolutely beautiful song. It makes think about a guy who lets rage, anger, and hatred get to the best of him and makes him act unnaturally and do hurtful things, even if it does hurt the person he loves. And by the time he realizes it, it's too late and he can never see her again.

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I've wondered for years what exactly Chris is refering to with this song. I wish I could give one of my trade-mark, in-depth answers here, but I'm as confused as everybody else. But yes, he does say that the place where his love suffered is going down, and seems to regret if after the fact. It's a personal fave live (since I've only heard it one in my 7 coldplay shows,lol.).


We should ask the Oracle!

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^ I see what the admin's mean about the spam....


anyway, the song is pretty straight forward IMO, it's supposed to be a bit of a coldplay goes jonny cash.


I see it as a depiction of a troubled man whose attempting to resolve or erase the tangled web he'se woven with his wife/spouse/girlfriend (whatever...), by burning down a house or building of some significance.

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