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67 gig, 1 outfit for Coldplay


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COLDPLAY may soon be Mouldplay if they don’t get a dry cleaner.


The lads only have one each of the French Revolution-style army jackets they plan to wear every night of their 67-date tour.


Oh dear.


They have already been wearing the coats to death for promotional work in the run-up to the release of album Viva La Vida and in the video for single Violet Hill.


The jackets are inspired by the uniforms worn by soldiers in EUGENE DELACROIX’s Liberty Leading The People painting.


I just hope CHRIS MARTIN and Co get a quality cleaner on board soon…or they’ll smell like they just stepped off the battlefield.



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Hey, I remember when they played the BBC show recently they were talking about this in the interview. They all made the clothes themselves, but have two or three of each of the pieces. So no rubbish about only having one jacket for the whole tour, they have three each!


So The Sun once again doesn't have any real news to report, so decided to 'make-up' news which has already been rumoured, but which is actually a load of balls...

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How is this news? And how do The Sun know they haven't got more than one jacket?


Shouldn't complain though because that Gordon dude who edits The Sun showbiz pages has nothing but nice things to say about Coldplay. He's one of the few left in the UK :P

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They always lookd pristine, in rugged sort of way. Aristocrats in battle clothes.

A bit like the Chouans - these were the royalists who fought in Bretagne and Vendee towards the end of the Revolution for what they believed in - rather than flee to England.

Or indeed like Communards, of the 2nd french revolution, that fought in Paris, many of them students.

Well with a good dry-cleaning aboard, obviously.

I love them.

Considering customising one of my own jackets with colored bands and stary studs.

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