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Moses - Studio Version?


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Sorry if this question has already arisen, but i'm fairly new to the Forum.

I've searched all over the internet for a Studio Version of Moses, all I can find is the live version from T in the park and from Houston, Texas...

I'm addicted to this song and really want to hear the Studio version, if there actually IS one!


Much appreciated


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Sorry man,but as far as I know,there is no studio version for moses..:\It would be great though.You'll only find live versions of it.The only different version that I have, is a acoustic version of it,from some radio session.

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What about this? It's not actually live but it's the closest we have.


That's a nice version, but it still falls well short of what is now my favorite live performance of a song of all time - Moses from the Live 2003 DVD. That is without a doubt the tightest live version of a song I've ever heard. I don't think a studio version could sniff it, to be honest.

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