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Arrest blow outta proportion!


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Hey I just heard on the radio an update on the Chris/Pappo story and it’s good news (well better than y’day anyway). There was an interview with the photographer who said Chris came up to him and asked him politely to erase the photographs, when Lister refused Chris let out the air from one of his tyres. He DID NOT slash the tyres, he DID NOT break the windshield or indeed go anywhere near a rock, he DID NOT get arrested and he IS NOT due in court in October. It was just the papers blowing it out of proportion. Yay

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but it said that chris confessed. :huh:


Police later went to the hotel Chris and movie star girlfriend GWYNETH PALTROW are staying in. The star admitted his actions and was arrested.


:confused: it says he addmitteed to doing it.

great pics by the way. don't he look great? :cool:

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i haven't heard one news report about the chris incident since i read about it on the board. i guess it's not good news to canadian radio jockeys or something. lol. yeah. it's weird when i hear that people are freaking out or things are getting blown out of proportion because i haven't heard a thing about it.

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