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PROOF of a VLV Tour DVD.


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I found this video on youtube listen what chris has to say and then wach the boom camrea swing in and out of the shot also notice the camrea man tward the side (the boom cam swings over him a few times.). I cant wait untill its relased! :D I hope theres a tour tour diary and a making of documentry!




PS is it me or are they following U2's suit and filming a show in chicago? :laugh3: Heres the Video..


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkBRYhDyWag]YouTube - Coldplay "Yellow" Chicago 7/23/08[/ame]

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yeah we all know bout the twisted logic tour dvd (how we saw the world, right?)


but the guys themselves prob wanted to bury their memories of that tour once they finished. and since jonny was in such pain throughout and they were coming apart at the seams they prob didn't want the public to know that there and then.


still, i'd loveta see it.


but then i am a completist.

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