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ARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! The fisrt person who was really nice to me on this forum!!! have a good one!!!


I can relate to that as well !! she's been awesome to me since the very beginning I got here :nice:

Ari's the best ! :D hope you're having a wondeful birthday ! I wish you the best and everything you wish for !




Happy birthday Ari !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance:

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thanks a lot people but i dunno if i should tell you that, my birthday is on september 23rd :uhoh:


but thanks a lot for your words :kiss: and specially to daryl for opening it. :kiss:


i'll bump the thread on my bday but i dunno what i will do exactly that day, just to begin i have an exam in the morning so...


i am thinking to go to a concert but there aren't any on that day, just one of Dover on the 27th in my city *insert hysterical avi here* i'd like to go there.


yeah a great year. :dance: i hope, still many projects ahead but many tasks to do before, like finish my degree so...

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