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Your favorite Magic Ball photo


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Hi Guys,


I work for Pufferfish, the company who made the Magic Balls for Coldplay.


We've noticed that many of you have been posting great pics of the balls in action, and it's been great to see that they are going down as well with you fans as they have with the band!


Coldplay are the first band to use our PufferSphere displays is this way, so we want to say a massive thanks to them for their vision, and faith in us!


We also want to say a massive thanks to you fans for enjoying them so much and posting such great pics from around the world.


We'd like to invite you to post your favorite photo of the Magic Balls to this thread. We'll even see if we can work out a way to poll you on them, so you can vote for your favorite pic!


Thanks to all of you, and an especially big thanks to Coldplay!



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some more photos from IZOD center 26 NJ show



Removed the links.


^Butterflies are blown from one of the central magic balls i noticed it when i saw them blowing them.


Removed the links.


before the show started^


Removed the links.


^See the magic balls in the centre during acoustic set!


half cut picture of the magic ball

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