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Hello from Rainy Dublin and Question?


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Hi, welcome to the forum, you have to upload it from your computer. i looked on usercp and faq, its not hard but i still cant explain it cause i am awful at the computer. I have a friend who lives in dublin, he was here with us in NY for the summer. R u going to the concert when they come to Dublin? Iheard it sold out in 1 hour

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Hi Christa,


Yes I am going on the 21st December. I didnt get tickets the day they went on sale, but I went into ticketmaster a few weeks ago by chance and got really good seats.


I went into my profile, but I cant see where to upload the photos....?

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The User Control Panel (also known as the User CP) is where you control your personal settings, options and preferences. To visit the User CP, you must have first registered on the forums. Once logged in, click on 'User CP' in the header bar near the top of the page.


The User CP main page will list any new notifications, including new private messages and pending friend requests. Additional pages and forms allow you to control:


Custom public profile settings

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Thanks Arwen88. It seems so far away to the 21st December. When was the last coldplay concert you were at?.


I was at the first Paris gig (sptember 9th), my first Coldplay concert! :dance:

That was amazing! it's true that when the D-day is coming closer, time seems to slow, but the show will be over before you can realise, so enjoy it! ;)

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