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What are you doing today?


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it is simple. you just tell your activities what you're doing today. its like some kind of managing schedule, but it doesn't have to be in order, min. 5 activities :nice:. its just for fun to me actually...... :D


what am i doing today are:


1. washing the dishes

2. washing clothes and ironing

3. go to the shops to buy some needs

4. go to this forum :)

5. upload some eid photos in my facebook :nice:


so how about you?

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here's my day plans.


1. stay on the computer until we leave my mom's.

2. go to lunch, probably arbys.

3. take a shower.

4. charge my camera batteries.

5. go to emilys to get ready for my friend's really formal birthday party.

6. go to my friends really formal birthday party.

7. check how the phillies did.

8. sleep. :D

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what am i doing today :


i have to clean up my room (fulfilled and not some :P)

go to this forum

go to facebook too :D

have a shower twice a day as usual

study math and bahasa indonesia

talk to my siblings with skype thing (if they were not busy :()

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- wearing my Werder Bremen football shirt

- using the train and tramway

- going Werder-Leverkusen tonight

- celebrating the victory on the "Freimarkt" fair afterwards




I love "English weeks" as we call it here haha! Can't wait for this match! Thank God this time no late kick-off as usual (Champions League). :)

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