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Hardest Part Piano version


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You can do two things.

Play the usual chords exact as in the book..


Or, write the chords as in the book says down on black paper.

And play around with those chords.


It won't be exact the same as Chris does.

But you can get a nice piano version of it that can beat the original one! :)

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Please, could anyone a video tutorial how to play it? pleasssssseeeeeee heeeeelllllllllllpppppppp! it is such a good version chris plays it, i have the sheets from the x&y book but i'm not sure if that are the right chords? it sounds not like the version chris plays. Does anyone have the right chords?

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Whats finale?


Finale Notepad is a program you can use for music notation. You can download it (i think) for free from their website. Its really useful and works pretty well.


There is plenty of places to get it for free if you surf around

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