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British men prefer women with smaller breasts: Study


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Thu, Oct 9 05:42 PM


You might not agree, but a study has revealed that a large number of British men prefer women with smaller breasts.


According to the study, one in three British men find a woman's big assets too much to handle -- while nine per cent of men find large breasts a turn-off, 22 per cent will hardly consider dating anyone with larger baps.


Researchers have based their findings on a survey of 6,500 single men across 13 European countries.


However, the survey has found that women with bigger assets are a hit in Scandanavian countries -- Norwegians like bigger breasts while Swedish are less than picky with 81 per cent saying they will be happy to see their cup overflow and 82 per cent also giving the thumbs-up to flatter chests.


Only 15 per cent of Irish guys said they would never date a woman with big bazookas.


Nafsika Thalassis of a dating service, which conducted the survey, was quoted by The Sun as saying, "These results show that there is a considerable disparity between what women think men find attractive and the truth of the matter.


"We're often told that both men and women are spending increasing amounts of money on their appearance. Even though we expect our partners to be well-groomed, it seems that many of us draw the line at dating people with surgical implants.


"It also raises the question of why so many people opt for plastic surgery. Frequently, women say that they want to increase their breast size in order to improve their own self-confidence rather than because they want to attract men.


"In reality, however, would they go ahead with the procedure if they knew it was likely to turn off lots of men? After all there is nothing confidence-boosting about having a surgical procedure that makes you less attractive to the opposite sex."


:dance: :lol: :dozey:

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Who did they talk about?

I think many people answering to these questions thought about some porn-star-like breast sizes...

And I'm sure Keira-Knightley-breasts are not what they are talking about either...

Many people just rush through these kind of questionnaires to get it over as well.


Hagen Rether, a German cabaret artist said:


"35% of all percentage declarations are totally fabricated."


Gotta love him.

To all German people on this board: If you don't know him, watch some videos on youtube!!


That quote fits to most articles that begin with "According to a study..."

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Hahaha I don't like statments in general, usually I'm out of the standard stuff. In this case I can assure you that if they do the same in Mexico 55% like women with big breasts, 43% like women with humongous breasts and 2% like small breasts and I'm in that 2% I'll always say that I should have been borned in England, I even have a birthmark with the shape of the island hahah :P

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Not at all. So is it normal for girls to be as foul-mouthed as that in Geordieland?

If so, I think I'll pass.:stunned:


What did she do wrong? She said the word "fuck"? It's not as every other word is a swear word, which is when I do have an issue with it, occasional swearing is fine and I don't see why a girl can't say "fucking" without somehow losing her femininity.


And no contrary to your belief you can't generalise an entire section of people into one or 2 characteristics.

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