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CookyMnstr and StephBerryman get into Hammerstein - they are our Heros (Yahoo show)

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In case you didn't hear, our amazing Coldplayers, CookyMnstr and StephBerryman got into the Hammerstein Concert without tix. They are amazing and we should all be so proud of them! congrats to our Coldplayers. this thread is for them!!!! Please send your notes of love and congrats. Big thanks to Melanieau for helping me Report. "If you never try You'll never know" I couldn't be prouder

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In case you didn't hear, our amazing Coldplayers, CookyMnstr and StephBerryman got into the Hammerstein Concert without tix. They are amazing and we should all be so proud of them! congrats to our Coldplayers. this thread is for them!!!! Please send your notes of love and congrats. Big thanks to Melanieau for helping me Report. "If you never try You'll never know" I couldn't be prouder



happy to help...


the karma around here is infuckingcredible:stunned:

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That is all that is on my brain tonight! I CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT! I'm so fucken happy I can't describe it! 1)'cause I just came from a Coldplay show, so normal reaction is to be in that "floating on air" state; 2) 'cause it was in a tiny little theater and I was FEET from the stage; and 3) and most significant 'cause I GOT IN!!! Another "Coldplay Miracle" has occurred to me!:D:D:D If my throat ddin't hurt, and I didnt' have some crappy pictures and lots of butterflies to prove it, I wouldn't even believe myself:lol:.


Ok I saw in the other thread that someone ran home and gave you guys a little summary of tonight, but HELLLOOOOO for the very first time (and most likely the only time) I've got a thread named for me--so I'm going to take that as an OK to give a long-ass rambling description of tonights events :P. I hope Steph comes on later on and fills in my gaps and tells her side of events, too. She also might have some good quality pics available...but I'll tell more a bit later.


Well, get comfy, and don't say I didn't warn ya it'll be long! So I'm sure you saw my post asking if anyone from here would be willing to go down to Hammerstein and see if we could get in. I never heard back from anyone, so finally I said, screw it I'm going alone!!! :snobby:I just couldn't let this opportunity go, knowing they'd be playing such a small gig, so close, and FREEEE!


So I show up around 6pm, and only maybe 50 people are on line(guestimate could be off, but it wasn't THAT many people, yet still a decent line). And then I FREAK. What to do?!?! How am I gonna get in? My original plan was to go up to the "waiting list" person and beg/plead if I could get in or wait around and see if someone didn't show up and I'd take their place. But there wasn't anyone around except for these two guys who seemed to be doormen or something. I call my coldplay-addiction-mentor, I mean ENABLER Mel :P, and she rationally advices me to just start talking to someone on line, see how they got tix, if maybe someone doesn't have a guest...That totally gave me the little push I needed to stop being shy and go for it. So MEL, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!:kiss::kiss::kiss:


So I go stand behind last person on line, and just smile and say "hey, did you get tix from Yahoo...blah blah." Turns out he did, and he DIDN'T HAVE A GUEST!!!! So I thought--this is IT! I started telling him about my original plan, and then said, hey you think I could just say I was your guest, would that be alright if I tried that? And he was actually cool with it!!!! (thankyou Mark, if you're reading!)So at this point I start gearing all my energies into MAKING IT HAPPEN. In my head I just kept saying--I'M GONNA GET IN, I GOTTA GET IN, IT'S GONNA HAPPEN! My stomach actually hurt from the effort and the nerves lol. :confused:


As we're waiting, and the "VIP" line next to us starts moving in, Christa calls me(superexcited BTW, which really gave me another boost! thanks!) and tells me that StephBerryman heard I'm down there and is on her way and see if we could wait together :). She spontaneously, at the last minute, decided to come down and see what happens! (so cool!) So a few minutes pass by and Steph shows up and we start talking and she was also gonna do the "can I just wait around" thing when she's like--hey, no one's watching, can I just cut and stand next to you?--at this time it's like 6:45ish. Around 7 the line really starts moving, people start going in and my stomach's in knots, and all of a sudden we're in the door and some lady's handing out passes without asking any questions. And THAT'S IT!!!!! No checking names off guest lists, no having to show IDs, no having to make up a story!!!!!:o:o:o:D:D:D

(to be continued in next post)

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Sooo, 7ish we got inside, no problem. Venue is pretty small, two small balconies, where VIPs were at. A little balcony to the right side, where (I think ) random people got pulled from the general line and picked to sit. People sitting on the floor in front of stage; StephBerryman goes straight in for Guy's side, naturally:laugh3:. At this point there were like 4-5 people in between us and stage, but once the show started, we were like maybe 3 (correct me if I'm wrong Steph).


This guy comes out and gives us a few instructions; they do a couple of takes of crowd cheering, I do remember him first saying we're gonna do one take w/ maybe some other music playing so don't sing along, it wont match show later on, but then he said oh forget it, we have enough cameras that we'll get live reaction shots(so maybe this is why not everyone was singing along during show as enthusiastically as Steph and me:D); Q&A people get up to mike and have their questions filmed(at this point the guys haven't come out, I guess they do this so they can get a shot of fans asking ques. w/out freaking out:)).


I called Mel right away, freeeakkkkiiinnng:dizzy2: out so happy and excited and relieved and just in awe that we got in:laugh3:. And before you know it, it's 8, and I hear Blue Danube waltz, and then I know it's starting. LIT starts up and the guys come in from a back side entrance and we all start screaming and I'm getting teary-eyed and it's just incredible!:cry::)


Now it's point in the story when it all gets jumbled up in my head and memories are like random little video clips and snapshots!:wideeyed::rolleyes4::rolleyes5::bomb:(So this is when I reeeealllly need Steph to come on and clear somethings up and fill in the gaps!). Set list was as ericjones posted--I just compared the notes I wrote down on the bus ride back home and matches up, except different order, so I'll trust his better:


LiT--soo beautiful always makes me smile

Violet Hill--loveloveloooove Jonny's guitar-playing here!:guitarist:

Clocks--will never EVER get old; and Will beat the shit outta the drums:D(I was staring, intently:wink3:, and he seriously looks like he's having a seizure LOL)

Lost---my FAVE song off VLVODAAHF, and really, it inspired me to go down there and try to get in!!!:blush: just because you're losing, doesnt' mean your looost (Chris is a wise man!:lol:)

Chinese Sleep Chant--not my fave, but the guys seem to really enjoy playing it, so I enjoy it too!

42--so so sooo beautiful, Chris sounded great, and they ALL sounded great in the rocking middle section:guitarist::drummer::guitarist::guitarist:

Yellow--ok, I'll admit it, my eyes did water:cry: hehe, this will never lose it's charm, and this is the one song (and the ooohs in VLV) where I could really hear crowd singing

Strawberry Swing--as soon as I saw Guy start clappin' I held my hands high and followed:clap:, and eventually others did as well. such a perfect daaaayyyy

Viva La Vida--just magic live! so fun, I felt the ground beneath shaking w/ people's dancing/bouncing. and you know, it's reeeeallly hard to sing the oooohhhooohhhohh part and jump at the same time, but darn it I did it!:dance::dance:

Lovers in Japan--the butterflies came down, and it just felt soooo sweeet

Death and All His Friends--I just love this one more&more each time I hear it, and though usually at a concert it's kinda bittersweet 'cause it signals the end of the show, I was just soooo happy, nothing could dampen my mood, and so I just loved it!:smug:

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and yes, still FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!


(thanks for waiting patiently jsalyers, at least I know 1 person read this! hehe)


So, then after show, which lasted 45min, the guys left, and music part was over. People start setting up for Q&A, and all of a sudden you hear Chris say in a funny voice "this is the voice of reason.." LOL :shocked3:freaky They were still backstage but I guess he had his mic on already, so he started fooling around, making dripping water sounds. He's just too goofy!:P


So they come out and answered a few questions...the ones I remember are(paraphrased--you'll see December 1st how badly I'll probably mess up!):

1)When did you know you were famous? Or when did you first feel you were famous...

They all kinda looked at each other, and then Will answered by telling the story of how when they were 1st time at Grammys someone confused them for stagehands or food craft people...so basically don't know how/when


2) What was your most weird culinary experience on the road? (the girl asking was really nervous , and it was hard to understand the word "culinary", so Chris was like :huh::uhoh:and Will turned to him and yelled "FOOD! CULINARY MEANS FOOD!" :laugh3:)

Jonny said they don't really remember anything weird, and then Chris said "Well you get food poisoning in every country we go to!:P So then Jonny recalls how one time in Paris(??? or was it Japan--help Steph!) he ate some tuna that made him sick.

Another thing about the girl asking the questions, when Jonny was done, Chris asked her "What have you got in your pockets???":smartass2: 'cause she kept stuffing her hands into her shirt/dress, and poor girl was actually speechless! hehe



3)What are the top 3 songs on your iPods?

I'm really upset 'cause this is the ONE question they ALL aswered, and of course I can't remember what they said!:anxious::bigcry: I only remember part of Guy's answer:heart:--he said he doesn't have an iPod (huh??! he's a tech-geek right? he's slacking!), but he's got a jukebox, and #1 is Marvin Gaye, #2 I can't remember! And then he's like :thinking:"that's it, I've only got 2 records in my jukebox.":lol:




4)What do you think is harder, writing an album or raising a child? (when the guy who asked this got up to mic Chris yells out "FRED DURST!" and it was so funny 'cause the guy did kinda look like Fred Durst, w/ baggy jeans, backwards cap, etc...:laugh3:)


For this one I think Chris said something, but I can't remember what, sorry, but I remember Will's, 'cause it was so sweet:). Something like "well with an album you've got a few people working together, for example there's four of us, plus our 5th member Phil" (and I was so damn tempted to yell out PHIL IS HOTTT!!!!, but I didn't, I was way too close to them, they would've give me weird looks been scared and I wouldve been kicked out:P. Though I'm sure some girls here--u know who you are:sneaky:--would've been proud of me for that HA!) "while in parenting it's usually two people. But I'd have to say songwriting, 'cause I've got a wonderful wife." And all us girls, and even Chris I think, went AAAAWWWWWW. LOL (Isn't Will just the cutest! sigh--willuverwilluver :smug2:




And I know there was a 5th question but my brain and fingers are tired now and I can't remember....maybe it'll pop back later, or maybe Steph or anyone who was there will fill in.

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BIG AAAAWWWWWWWW for Will saying his wife's wonderful :nice: :nice: :nice:


I wanna see that interview so bad now ! thanks a lot for all the details ! that's awesome ! and Hi btw sorry :nice: I'm sooooo proud, even though you didnt yell 'Phil is hot' :P

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blame Jsalyers for my diarrhea of the mouth!


Some random funny/cute/memorable moments:


--when they came out for Q&A there were 4 stools in front of stage, and they all kinda just stood there looking at them and Chris was like "we don't like stools, we have a no stool rules" and he asks the producer?? why they're needed can they be removed, and when no one did anything he started taking them to back of stage himself:P. And then he says "uh oh I shouldn't have done that, am I in trouble with Union guys??"


--I forget during which song, maybe 42?, PAY ATTENTION MEL!, Chris goes over to Jonny and they were playing facing each other sofreakingclosetoeachother. :sneaky:Like a few inches close!!!! I felt like yelling GET A ROOM!:lol: (sorry, didn't capture pic of it w/ my crappy camera phone.)


--and during another song, maybe Lost!, Chris came over by Guy, PAY ATTENTION CHAVI!, and I guess kinda tripped over Guy's bass/mic cable or something??, and ended up laying his hand on his shoulder and they both laughed and Guy smiled and it was like the sun was shining in my eyes!:sunny::heart:

--Chris was very chatty and talkative and funny throughout the night, but can't remember jokes right now:embarassed:. maybe someone can fill those memory gaps in for me:confused:


--they all seemed very relaxed and happy, Chris sounded GREAT on every.single.song. (that's why I was dying to go to this show, 'cause during these smally-type gigs he doesn't get to jump&dance around so much and his voice is really strong, as opposed to big concerts. loooove it!:D:dance:


--they were really all into their playing, except Guy, who seemed so...kinda on automatic? but I think that's just how he is, shy, 'cause when the Q&A came about he was all smiles and talked a few times.


--they all started out with their full Viva outfits, but it was fucken hot in there, they very quickly started to peel things off! woohoo!:wink3: Girls, I do remember EVERY detail of this part hahaha. Guy was first to take off jacket, so then he was left w/ vest w/ red shirt, but then he didn't take anyhthing else off. BOOOH!(oh, but Berryluvers, the ripped jeans were BACK!:sweatdrop:) Then I look away from the jeans, and Chris and Will have taken their jackets off too…Will in his lovely purple verywellfitting undershirt:sweatdrop:, Chris in a black button down, which I gotta say I looove the look:sweatdrop::wink3:! Jonny held on to the jacket for a long while longer (I tried to mentally signal him--damn it Jonny, TAKE IT OFF!) when he finally did he had that nice blue button down.:sweatdrop::smug: (EDIT: I just remembered that both Chris and Jonny then FURTHER stripped to then reveal white/red undershirts!)


Ok I’ll stop ‘cause whoever has read all my posts will now need to run out and get glasses, or renew prescription!:\


I’ll just post the few decent pics I got from my little phone, to prove that I REALLY was there, and not making all this up:









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