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Coldplay songs in a TV serie?


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Have you heard Coldplay songs in a TV serie?... I'm asking because I'm editing some pictures of Series where Coldplay songs have been played, so I would like to know if there are other series with songs of Coldplay. I already have Smallville, Roswell, Grey's Anatomy, Six Feet Under....






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Lost? on "Brothers and Sister"

Death and All his Friends and Violet Hill on "One Tree Hill"

In the Sun on "Grey's Anatomy"

I think someone said that VLV was played on "Beverly Hills 90210" (baahh)





Yeah, it actually was... I really couldnt believe that it was the song which opens the first episode of the first season of the new Beverly Hills 90210 (that's good cuz it's Coldplay), but I didnt really like the scene (at the beginning it's nice, but when the guy starts talking...). Here it is


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcCFBavkvd4]YouTube - 90210 - We're Not In Kansas Anymore - [Part 1/5][/ame]

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very sad scene in ghost whisperer


has anyone seen this yet?


i was pretty surprised when suddenly '42' started

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZibasVSNkY]YouTube - Ghost Whisperer - 4x11 - Life on the line@cbs-part 5[/ame]



oh, it starts at 2:25

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Match of the Day, Life In Technicolor used when they show Premier League table!!

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