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Coldplaying Prom King and Queen 09 Nominations!!

Black Rose

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Right then mother feckers, it's time for the Prom King and Queen 2009 for the end of year prom (pretty massive event, with a lotta celebrations and all that general stuffy stuff).


What you need to do is suggest pairings up for the prom king and queen of the year, the top 10 or so will go forward onto a lovely poll, where the winning couple will be crowded the coldplaying prom king and queen of the year 2009 :)


Deadline is the 30th November, so get cracking :D


Briggins and Zeoir

Hotplay and Jake

Ari and Justin

(Daniel) Yellow Hill and Daniela

(Emma) Cobalt and Simon

Redgirl and Mountain Loafers

Pris and the Escapist

Marek and Rolle

Ren+Lore+Christa+Julia+Matt+Rolle+Chris+Fran+Nina+Jules Dream+Donkey

Rolle and her right hand

James and Mark

Emily (forlackofabettertitle) & LittleMissMessy

David & ioshinoia

Ari & Bart

Aleluvscp & Nathan (HorrificAttack)

Joe (Jsalyers) & Cobalt


Nathan and Jack

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