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What time do you awake?

The Escapist

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8:00 AM


But lately I've been trying to get used to getting up at 6:30 just so I have a bit more morning... it's extremely difficult.


I wish there was some way to make the bed as comfortable when I first lay down as when I'm awakened by my alarm clock. Biology sucks, we should all be superhuman.

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I don't know, i'm used to it but when i have to go to parties or whatever, i always sleep like 5 hrs during the afternoon so i won't fall asleep at night :wacko:


Hmm i think 6 hrs but sometimes just 3 :uhoh:



wow, i so couldn't do that. I can do fine if i have one or two nights in a week every now and then when i only get less than 6 hours of sleep but after that i need at least 10 to recover.. :lol:

And that's why i should go to sleep now :wacky:

Nearly 8 hours of sleeping is waiting for me :cool3:

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