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It's time I got a new car can I have some suggestions?


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i don't know how leasing would really work in england, if its different than in the US. not that i know a lot about that, either...or cars in general.


but i would go with honda or toyota first, then anything japanese, then anything german. stay AWAY from american! (though that might not be that hard if you're in england :P)


and look at hybrids! the honda civic hybrid and the toyota prius especially :D

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I am unaware of your budget, but if Volkswagen or Honda or Toyota makes a hybrid diesel that's reasonable, that would be my choice. They usually get great mileage because (1) the diesel engine in inherently much more efficient than a gasoline engine, (2) the hybrid design does improve mileage further, (3) their slipstream efficiency is probably good (get a lower profile one), and those companies have produced proven reliable tested products that last and keep a good resale value. The American auto makes might offer something, but their emphasis has always been gas-hogs and wind-pushers, but the oil price is still over $50 a barrel, with no end in sight in the future. Best to invest in good makes, and usually the best values are in used, well cared for vehicles that are a few years old..;)

Personally, I think the car companies are stalling on creating really great cars that have both high performance and great efficiency, so the answer is with better government to push them in the right direction - but the best we can do now is go with what's available, and work for change. LOL!!:)


PS - one can always make biodiesel in a pinch to run in one, and used fryer grease is still available..

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Well it's time I bought my own again,borrowing others and walking isn't working for me anymore:P and I'm in need of some help and suggesions.

I can afford a reasonable amount but please don't say go and buy a Ferrari or anything as thats a bit too much!!.


P.S does anyone know how leasing works?

Citroen C3, is practical and not very expensive, at least here. :)


mm leasing here (in Spain) is able only for enterprises i think...

it consist on you are like renting your car for a couple of years (for instance), and when it ends you can get the car.... (if i had understood it well).

check this.

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Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm definatly going to lease as I won't be here for longer than a year so I don't want to have to sell something on and lose a load of my own money when it depreciates loads.


I'm not really a Hybrid sort of person though and I do very few miles so I'm not too worried about gas milage and would rather just lease something cool:)




I was looking on here, some stuff seems quite good value.

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My family is collectively on our 8th or 9th Mazda in the last 25-odd years-they're fantastic cars, old or new. The 3, or if you're looking for used Protege (same thing) are very good cars on the smaller end. They're fun to drive and they haven't let us down yet. We also have a 6 at the moment- it's great too if you want something a little bigger.

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