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Who is speaking at the very beginning?


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Okay, I've listen to the song quite loud and at very precisely O min 9 sec (so the very beginning XD), you could hear a guy saying something... I think it might be Guy (the scottish accent) but I can't understand what he's saying... I hear 'top flip flap' :laugh3: which means NOTHING so I'm wondering if you guys understand it???

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rainy day!


Hehehe, re-posting my thought from the Official Intro to Rainy Day Appreciation thread:


It sounds like Chris saying, "OK Guy" :cool:

gosh, I still cannot stop laughing when I hear the beginning bit. Piano and then whooosh, weird pokemon gameboy music! :laugh3:



lol, "Top Flip Flap"????? :thinking: :P

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sorry,but HOW did you figure out it was Scottish accent? anything can be barely heard...

I don't know, but the sound of his voice and the way he speaks kinda sharply, sounds a bit like Guy's way of speaking....


I kinda thought it sounded like "I'll take that." Hahaha, I have no idea though.

Ohhhh yes, that could be that!!! Plus it would make sense because Guy's bass riff begins a little after that....

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