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Chris "I am a seducer" Martin, Man of the Year (Q mag)

Black Rose

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that. was. hysterical.


thanks for posting, dave! :dance:


i'm totally saving that. he even used the very american "DOOD"!




"we may not be very rock and roll, but we do more with punctuation than any other band"


"sarah palin opposed it. she does not like the cut of our jib....we're too friendly with big oil"


"i would love to take her to KFC for the evening"


there is too much hilarosity in this interview for me to type. i'm in stitches. chris must have been slightly tipsy or something his "chris-cracks" per answer ratio is huge in this interview :P

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LOL. I wonder if Chris changed his tone as he pronounced each punctuation of lost.


This interview merited a bucketful of classic Chris Martin quotes.


"Let's not beat around the bush. Let's not even walk around the bush. Let's get right in the Bush, let's set fire to the bush... "(I was expecting Chris to go Oasis on the interviewer lol)


"I think she's very delectable, but she's not so electable." :D

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