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Chris "I am a seducer" Martin, Man of the Year (Q mag)

Black Rose

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There are so many great quotes in this interview. What a gem. Thanks for sharing this! :)


No problemo, I saw the magazine on the shelves of the Badger Farm Sainsburys and got it to see what they are saying what their review of the year is (shame there is no "best of 08 cd" :(

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Bahahahahhahahahaha!!!!! :lol:


OMG thank you so much for posting this!!!!!


This is the funniest interview ever!!!


So many funny quotes to choose from!!!

.....Let's not beat around the bush. Let's not even walk around the bush. Let's get right in the bush, let's set fire to the bush.....




I can totally imagine him going all crazy saying all those funny things and talking super fast like he does when he's excited, slightly nervous and in a great mood!!!! :D

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