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EP should have been free???


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Listening to the new EP and then looking at the band's centerfold painting in VIVA LA VIDA, it stuck me that Prosperts March, Poscards from far Away and Glass of Water where probably going to be included on the original CD.


Obviously, the band shouldn't have to "give away" an 8-track EP for free, but on the other hand it was an awfully short CD, and I must say, I find it a bit strange that they apparently HAD to release the LP by a certain date. Why should any artists have to comprise their work just to make a prime release date? Just because some executives at EMI said so? Presumably, by now they have enough clout to say "no" to that kind of backwards thinking.


Of course, based on the band painting, Life in Technicolor and Violet Hill might not have been scheduled for inclusion on VIVA LA VIDA, but were simply ready before the final mix of the other three songs. The point is, if those three songs were part of the original artistic plan for the record, should they have been cut because of a release date? Imagine if Capitol cut songs from REVOLVER and RUBBER SOUL for their US release... Opps, I forgot, that's exactly what happened, didn't it!


It's a moot point now, because all the songs are out, but they can still

all fit onto one CD of 74 minutes. But I think including the extra three songs on the original LP might have made for a more satisfying release.


Certainly having Life in Technicolor (although it wasn't featured as a song title in the painting) would have been a big plus, if it was combined into one epic track on the VIVA CD.

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Neither CD was short, don't be a mong.


VLV is 45 minutes long, which is not 'awfully short'. It also had 13 tracks on it.


Prospekt's March is an EXTENDED PLAY. It's NOT A FULL ALBUM.






Don't get me wrong: I'll be happy when Coldplay have released their 5th LP and can escape EMI's anti-creative, commercial nature, but these are not - short - albums.

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Well, I finally know what everyone is talking about as my copy arrived yesterday and I've been avoiding the leaks.


I'll refer you all to my previous statement that they're as entitled as anyone who makes a product to charge for it... and now that I've heard it, I know that it's worth every penny too!

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if you don't think it's worth it to pay for music, then this is your problem.

for 10 bucks, getting 6 new songs (because LIT2 is a completely new song and is fantastic) + 2 remixes is a pretty good price... I've bought singles with 3-4 songs for more than that.


And They said it's not a b-side album, it's a complement to vlv.

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