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Celebrity Fans?


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Alicia Keys. Pretty obvious, hehe. Eeeem...I remember seeing DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire at a concert once.


Jake Gyllenhaal. I remember the director of The Day After Tomorrow saying Jake was very distracted the whole day and when he asked him why he said there was a Coldplay concert that night.


I'm sure there's more...but I don't recall. :)

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Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey McGuire, Eva Longoria, and Tony Parker all attended their concert at the Forum in L.A on July 14th/15th... also I have this Gisele Bundchen interview where she lists her top 5 favorite songs and # 2 on her list is Green Eyes.. she also went to their concert in Boston this summer. Also I think Owen Wilson is a big fan, he got the director/producer to use "Sparks" in his movie "The Wedding Crashers" and they used "Fix You" in his movie "You,Me,& Dupree"

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A made a thread similar to this back in July : Famous Artisits celebrites who ahte/love coldplay...but it was taken down for no apparent reason......Steven SPielberg ..was seen in a concert and so many others..... Alicia Keys wants to work with them as much ....

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