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A cold hello from the North!


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Hey Ida, nice to meet you! :D

And you have also tickets for Wembley? :o Me too, yeah! :dance:

But we have to wait quite a time since we can see Coldplay there, oh dear.


Nice to meet you too:) Yes.. I'm going there with my friend and we were so nervous about not getting the tickets.. Like if the site broke down or something.. But luckily it didn't, so now I just need to make a lot of money for this weekend. Yes... It's a long time until the concert, but I will probably be thinking of every single day...:)

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No. It's not.. But Oslo is more south in Norway, so it's not very common there, but if go much farther north, like where the Sámi people live, you might see some:)


OK. I was only having a laugh with you, anyway, of course!

Still, it would be nice if you did have a reindeer!!:P

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