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Coldplaying Advent Calender


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I know in the past Jenji made one here. I was thinking this year we could do something similar to what I'm doing on my blog.


Basically everyday of the week I encourage people to take and post pictures of themselves with friends, pets, themselves, imaginary friends, snowmen, etc. So come Christmas we'll have a big collection of pictures.


I might even be able to make some cool looking picture with them all in the shape of a Christmas tree or something.


Sound like a good idea to people?


If so get snapping!


And Merry Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate!

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oooh, i forgot, here's a picture i took of my christmas tree i did up before i came back to uni:




the star stopped lighting up, though, so we got a new one :P


those are those new-fangled LED christmas lights...they'll burn your retinaes, i swear.


They look so pretty :wideeyed:

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yes, and they *apparently* don't die the second you unplug them and pack them away for next year. i'll believe it when i see it, but i'm somewhat optimistic.



:P yeah, thats the biggest problem with Christmas lights....nothing like trying to figure out which bulb is ruining the whole string.

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